Odd jobs

This story may turn into a larger chapter story. Not sure where it goes yet.


It had been weeks since Mike had finished his last project. The custom closet at the Doctor’s house had been easy enough. Just some distressed wood trim and a funky door. The walk-in was about 5’x 8′. He had removed all the shelves and hangers, and all the drywall. The Doc had requested he beef up the studs to make them stronger. Something about securing something into the wall. He had another guy taking care of that so Mike didn’t give it a second thought. Porcelin tiles replaced the carpet. After reinstalling the drywall he painted the walls a deep red, the ceiling was black except for the single Edison bulb in its industrial cage fixture. The door was a heavy wooden frame with thin wrought iron bars in the center. With the center panels removed the door was see thru. Why anyone would want the solid panels removed and replaced with thin wrought iron bars was beyond him. The Doc said something about a pet room, but it all payed the same and the Doc was responsible for his current referral. Why ask why.

The address he was given was in an upscale area. A flat above some type of furniture store in the middle of a block. He found an open parking space a few doors down and parked his truck. Finding the entry he rang the buzzer and waited. The evening air was cool as darkness began to encroach. When the door opened Mike was momentarily stunned to silence. The woman who stood before him was a vision in beauty. Long legs, thin waist, ample breasts. Her auburn hair hung loosely around her shoulders. She was wearing a shimmering white satin shirt, tucked into a jet black leather skirt. She stood slightly taller than him in her 4 inch black heels. Around her neck was a strange looking pendant.

A small smile formed on her lips as Mike fumbled to say anything coherent. “Missus uhhh… Jameson?” Mike stammered. “Miss jameson.” She said after a moment. “You must be Mike, the good Doctor mentioned you would be stopping by this evening.”

“Yes,…. Mike, I’m Mike,…… I’m supposed to be here? He stammered, suddenly unsure of himself.

She paused. It always amused her when an otherwise strong man crumbled from her presence alone. His eyes flicked up to hers and then darted away. He shifted uneasily under her gaze. She let him twist there for another few seconds and the said, “Well of course you are my dear boy. Won’t you please come inside.”

She moved to the side, and motioned for Mike to enter.

Mike quickly stepped off the sidewalk and past her. Feeling her eyes on him the whole way.

Mustering all his will, Mike started, “So Doctor Jones said that you were looking for a contractor to do some work for you?

“Thats right Mike, I am looking for a contractor.” Her smile was somehow predatory. She moved closer and placed a hand on his shoulder. He flinched at her touch. “Give me your jacket?” He cursed himself inwardly. He needed to get control of himself, he couldn’t afford to lose this job because he was suddenly feeling off. He shrugged off his carhartt and she placed it on the small tree next to the door. She strode past him and the click, click of her heels echoed in the short hallway. “Follow me please Michael. You don’t mind if I call you Michael do you?” She said. He responded, “Uhhhh…. I guess its ok.” She stopped suddenly and whirled to face him, fixing him with a stern gaze. “Please be clear Michael, I do not wish for there to be any micommunications between us!” She said, with a sudden fire in her eyes. He was startled by her directness. “I,…I’m sorry,…of..of course, Michael will be fine.” “Good!” She said. Smiling bradly as she spun on a heel and started up the stair case at the end of the hall. “Follow me Michael.” He hurried up the stairs behind her.

The top of the stairs opened onto a second floor that was quite spacious. Along one wall a stylish kitchen and island, a generous living area and another hall that led to, from his limited view a probable sleeping area and bathoom. The stairs continued up and around to the third floor. Mike followed her closely.

At the top of the staircase, using the strange pendant around her neck, she unlocked the door and swung it open. Walking inside she called out, “Come along Micheal, that’s a good boy, you sted there.” She pointed at a spot on the floor.

The room was spartan, compared to the living area. Hardwood floor, red carpet on the walls. Black ceiling. Scattered about the room, was an odd assortment of furniture. Some type of sling hung from a hook in the center of the ceiling. A large x shaped frame stood in the corner. Mike stopped where directed, and heard the door click shut behind him.

Miss Jameson stopped in the center of the room facing Mike. “So,…..What exactly is it you’d like from me ma’am? Mike said sheepishly. His shoulders slightly hunched. He was looking around the room, deliberatly avoiding her piercing eyes. His heart was beating in his chest. He felt a trickle of sweat between his shoulder blades.

“Its very simple Michael, I called you here because the Doctor thought you might be to my liking. You see Michael, I like a certain type of man. One who can follow direction. One who will do as he is told, without question. Do you think you can do that Michael, do you think you can be that man?” She walked slowly around him as she talked. Looking him up and down as she did. “Look, you said you wanted some work done, I dont……” Mike started to say. “No Michael, I said I needed a contractor.” She said. She had stopped behind him and was now standing very close to him. He could feel her body heat behind him. He was frozen in place. Too scared to move. She put her hands on his shoulders and leaned in close. “Do you find me attractive michael?” She breathed into his ear, her left hand trailed down his arm, goosebumps rising in its wake, settling over his hand. Her right hand slid up and with 2 fingers she traced a line up and down along his neck. His head tilted to the left slightly and he croaked out, “Y..Yes..I do.” He swallowed hard. His fear ebbing, switching quickly to arousal. She was so damn close. Her lips found his neck and began following the path her fingers had begun. Her right hand snaked down under his arm, across his belly and down to his waist. Her fingers slid under the waistband and snaked inside. She began rubbing just above his manhood. She felt his breath quicken. His head leaned back slightly and his eyes slid shut. Her left hand let go of his and came up to his throat. As she gripped his throat firmly the first moan escaped him. She flicked his earlobe with her tongue and said, “I like you too Michael, there are so many things I want to show you Michael. Do you want to learn from me Michael?” She cooed into his ear. “Yesssssssss…..” was all he could manage. “Yes what Michael?” She whispered into his ear. “Yes please teach me……” he managed.

She released her grip and stepped in front of him. He was breathing heavy now, his face flush with desire. He looked up slightly into her eyes. His own half open and filled with lust. Her prize within reach, she said. “Look at me Michael. Look into my eyes and hear me. To be my student you must choose. You must choose to obey me at all times, to give me the power of your submission. If you choose this path, I promise you a world of pleasure and happiness like you’ve never known before. If you decline then you may leave now. You’ll find an envelope in the hall to compensate you for your time. I’m sure you will find it generous. The choice is yours, but you must choose now.” Mike’s head was swimming. He thought about turning around and running out of there. But he had never felt as aroused as he was right now. His lips began moving before he had even finished the thought. “I’d like to stay.”

She smiled broadly. “Good, you won’t be sorry Michael. Now, we will begin simply, you will address me as mistress from now on. Do you understand?” “Yes.” He said. Smack! She pasted the side of his face with her flat palm. “Im sorry, I didn’t hear you?” He rubbed his stinging cheek with his own hand. “Yes mistress?” He said sheepishly. “Louder!” She shouted and raised her hand again. “Yes Mistress!” He said loudly. She reached out and caressed his reddening cheek. “You see Michael, it’s not hard to follow direction is it?” “Now, strip!” With that she walked past to him and locked the door.



She hurried into the kitchen. The timer was set for 10 minutes. The muffled moans from the other room were growing in intensity. She set the remote on the counter. Opening the door to the fridge. She leaned in and searched the shelves. Milk, orange juice, some type of carryout. Where did she put that bowl of fruit? Gotcha, right on the top shelf. If it was snake…..

She set the bowl on the counter, and cocked her head to listen. Did the moans seem quieter? She picked up the remote. Hmmmmm, she thought. The display said ’03’. She pressed the up button 3 times. A garbled scream burst forth out of nowhere. Then more moans, more urgent this time. She smiled devilishly. One more press. A Yelp, then…sobbing? This was getting fun.

She padded back into the room. The timer ticked away the last seconds. Was that really 10 minutes? ‘Ding’ She hit the pause on the remote. The groan of relief from her pet made her smile. It was his idea to try the swing. Sure, it was her idea to add the bondage cuffs, but he started this.

He was hanging over the bed, on his back. His head slightly higher than his ass. His hands were above his head, cuffed together and secured to a chain attached to a ring in the ceiling. His legs were cuffed to the chains supporting the swing under him, one on each side. This did an excellent job of holding him in a reclined position, with his legs spread as in stirrups. The vibrating plug was secured in his ass and he had a black rubber ball gag stuffing his mouth. A thick stream of drool was running out of one corner of his mouth, and tears streamed from his eyes. His chest heaved and his body was wet with sweat. She was glad she put the vinyl sheet on the bed now. She set the fruit on the bed and climbed up next to him on her knees. His eyes were wild with lust. How long would she keep this up. How long could he keep this up. What the hell was she going to do with the fruit? His mind raced. A small clear rope of pre cum had trailed from the tip of his caged cock forming a small puddle on the sheet. She loved ruining him like this. She stroked his cheek lovingly as she reached for a strawberry from the bowl. “Are you ok honey?” He shook his head yes slowly, his breathing slowing as he began to regain some composure. He nuzzled her hand affectionately as she wiped away a tear. “Good, cuz you have until I finish these strawberries before we start again. “He groaned loudly, his head flopping back in resignation. “We only got to seven the last time, this thing has fifteen speeds!, did you know that honey? He whined loudly. His body was starting to shake little now. Another bite, another strawberry. “Oh crap, I almost forgot!. Remember those heels you sent me a link to? Well I bought them and they came in today, just in time. Wanna try them out?” She asked. He shook his head yes enthusiastically. A little light returning to his eyes. She bounced off the bed and produced a large box from the closet. From inside she pulled a pair of the guadiest white vinyl stripper heals ever made. The heels were stilettos and at least 7 inches tall. The toes had 4″ platforms. Unbelievably they each had an aquarium in each platform. Complete with tiny fish. She walked to the end of the bed and began putting the heels on his feet. He started to protest. She looked at him and said, “You didn’t think I was going to wear these did you? These are ridiculous. Plus it was your idea. In fact all of this was your idea, remember? He groaned again. Finishing with the shoes she stepped back to survey her work. He was a sweaty, drooling, cum dripping mess. In heels. The stupidest heels. She shrugged her shoulders and picked up the last berry. “Well, ready to go again sport? With that she popped the strawberry into her mouth and tuned the dial on the timer, another 10 minutes. Picking up the remote, “What do you say we start at fifteen and work our way down?” She increased the intensity and pushed pause again to reactivate the plug. His eyes bulged and his body jumped as a fresh scream formed in his throat……….

Thursday evening

His body was slick with sweat, his breath quick. His vision dark behind the blindfold. He was naked. Exposed. His arms were above his head, stretched to either side, secured in the firm leather cuffs. His legs the same, spread wide and locked in matching restraints. Her manhood strained painfully against the cage. He was trembling. Not from cold, the room was seasonally warm. The excitement She illicited from him was what affected him now. An intoxicating blend of arousal and anticipation. She knew how to bring him to this point and let him linger here, on edge.

He had been this way for what seemed like an eternity. In reality it had only been a half hour. The instructions She had sent at lunch were very specific. After work, stop at the market, pick up the items listed, stop at the cleaners, pick up Her clean shirts and head home to prepare dinner for the two of them.

He followed Her instructions to the letter. When Her SUV pulled into the space next to his truck he was standing naked, hands crossed behind his lower back, collar around his neck, cage still securely locked in place, next to Her chair as instructed. He had showered and shaved while dinner was in the oven.

She enters and places Her bag next to the coat tree where She hangs Her coat. Her heels click on the kitchen tile as She makes Her way into the kitchen. “Something smells wonderful my love! I hope it tastes as good as it smells!” Her smile radiates from Her like a ray of sunshine. His heart soaks it in. She surveys the simple meal and gives an approving nod. She strides to him and gives him an affectionate kiss. His hands fall to Her waist and he kisses Her back. “I hope you like it, I’ve sampled it and I’m really happy with the way it came out, another great recipe.”

He pulls out Her chair and She glides into place in front of Her plate. He takes the seat next to Her. They eat together and chat about their day. Enjoying the meal and each other’s company. She marvels at his growth over these few weeks.

After dinner, he clears the plates and loads them into the dishwasher. She retires to the bedroom to cleanup from work and get into more comfortable clothing. As he finishes straightening the kitchen, She emerges, looking just as beautiful in Her flannel pajamas. She comes up behind him wrapping Her arms around his waist and pressing Herself into his back. Her lips find the base of his neck and trace a line upwards. She feels his breath catch in his chest. One hand slides up and teases a nipple while Her right hand slides down and cups Her balls, gently squeezing. His hands busy drying the pots, its all he can do to stand still. “Dinner was fantastic my love, you really are a great cook.” His body shudders visibly. She knows exactly how to turn him into putty. “Why don’t you finish up here and join me in the bedroom.”

With that She releases him and strides away. He finally exhales. His nipples hard as diamonds and Her cock straining in its confinement. With record speed he finishes the dishes and hurries to their room.

She had removed the cover on the St. Andrew’s Cross he had built for Her some time ago. Immediately his pulse quickened. This was shaping up to be a good night indeed.

“Come pet, it’s time to assume the position.” She smiles as he clamors up to the X-shaped frame. He positions himself spread eagle so She can secure him in place. She takes her time and sensuously slides Her hands along his limbs as She locks each in its place. Within minutes he is completely immobile. She looks on with satisfaction at Her handiwork. It always excites Her to see him this way. He is completely vulnerable, open to Her ministrations. The lust in his eyes mixed with just a hint of fear at what She has in mind. With a predatory gaze She approaches him and begins running Her hands over his body, kissing Her way along his neck, taking a nipple between Her lips and suckling lightly. Taking it between Her teeth and biting down gently, Her hands stroking Her balls and hefting his cage. She can feel him straining, his hips rising to meet Her touch. His breath becoming ragged. She trails Her nails lightly along his inner thighs then down the sensitive places along his chest, down his ribs.

Her passion is growing by the moment. Her sex slickens as She plays. She reaches into Her flannel pants and strokes Herself, coating Her fingers with Her own juices. She brings Her fingers to his face, wiping them over his nose. “Smell me my love.” He inhales deeply, Her musk making him light headed. His soft whimpers became a low moan. She places Her wet fingers over his lips and he licks them clean, sucking Her essence from each digit. When she is satisfied they are clean, She leans in and kisses him deeply. Her tongue probing between his hot lips. She savors the taste of Herself on his lips and tongue. Her desire rising like a fever.

She tears Herself away and stands for a moment, getting control of Herself. His chest heaving, small drops of perspiration had formed all over his body. He was almost delirious with lust. She retrieved the blindfold from the dresser in the corner and stepped back up to him. Placing the blindfold on him She presses Herself against him. Straddling his thigh, She grinds Her hips against him. He could feel the wet desire thru Her pajamas. She whispers into his ear softly, “I have some work to finish my love, I hate to leave you like this but let’s think of it as a lesson in patience. When I return we can begin…….” with that She suckled his earlobe and gave it a gentle nip.

He could hear Her bare feet as She softly padded across the room and then the door clicked shut. He could feel the heft of the chain, which held the key to his cage, dangling between his legs. She had hung it over his cage before She left.

Thursday morning.

Its 5:30 am. I know this because I’m awake. Over the past few weeks, I’ve grown accustomed to waking at the same time every morning. I slide out from under the covers. I can hear her soft breathing. She’s so beautiful when she’s sleeping like this. I steal one more moment watching her. I’m naked, as she wishes, until it’s time for me to leave the house in the morning.

I head out of the bedroom. First stop, brush teeth, wash up. As I gaze at myself in the mirror, it’s hard to believe the changes I’ve gone thru since we met. The sculpted physique before me is a far cry from the sloppy drifter I was. The pride swells inside of me. The thin brown leather collar is a constant reminder of her love. I sigh, time to get busy.

In the kitchen I start her tea kettle, grab some fresh fruit and put together a bowl for her. My coffee is quick and I enjoy it while I busy myself with breakfast. A quick trip to the garden to grab a few fresh flowers and I’m almost done. Luckily the neighbors can’t see into the back yard! Back inside the tea is done. I prepare it to her liking and arrange it along with the bowl of fruit and the fIowers on a small tray.

Its 6:00 and I know by now she is stirring, as is her routine. I head back to our bedroom. As I surmised, she is just waking. She stretches as I enter and smiles sleepily in my direction. I set the tray on her bedside table and ask if she would like me to open the drapes and let some sun into the room. She props a couple pillows behind her as she sits up and she tells me it’s ok to open the drapes a bit.

The sunlight floods into the room. She surveys the tray and smiles. That’s my cue to continue my chores. As she sips her tea and samples the fruit I busy myself with straightening up our bedroom and making my side of the bed. I take out some work clothes and hold them up for her to look at. A pair of faded jeans and a t-shirt. She tells me to switch to a different colored tee and make sure the jean’s are not too baggy. She likes the way my butt looks more everyday. I place the approved clothes on the bed. As she finishes her breakfast, she calls me to her. I come to her side and she beckons me closer. I lean down and she kisses me. “Such a good boy this morning, the flowers are especially beautiful today my love.”

My heart swells.

“Please remember to take out the trash this morning on your way to work, and don’t forget the recycling this time! I’ll text you some instructions for dinner, and a shopping list.” She reaches down and strokes her cock. “Maybe if your a really good boy we can play tonite!” “Yes Ma’am!”, I respond. Last week I forgot the recycling. It took a couple days before the stinging subsided in my butt cheeks.

She reaches into her bedside table and removes my chastity cage. I stand still with my hands behind my back as she secures her manhood in its cage. The lock clicks as she closes it and I’m secure. I bend down and she unbuckles the collar. Placing it on my side of the bed on the pillow. I miss the feeling of the leather around my neck, but the confinement of the cage more than makes up for it. One more kiss, a little more passionate this time. Her hand cups the cage and as she gazes into my eyes she whispers “I love you my dear.” Again, my heart swells. “I love you too.”

I dress quickly, verifying her approval of the outfit. Success! Again my heart swells. I head to the garage for the cans. Careful to remember the recycle box. I can just feel a little tingle in my backside.

As I jump in my truck, I can’t wait to see what she has in store for later!

More progress.

Its been a bit but I’m back. I’m just going to try to do a quick update as I feel I can be very long winded sometimes.

I want to cover some things I’ve picked up over time in my journey of self discovery and growth.

First and foremost, I’ve learned to be patient. This obviously applies to every aspect of life. I started a year ago working out and paying attention to my diet. I’m happy to report, I’ve lost 45 pounds and about 5 inches off my waist. I’m not skin and bones, but I have transformed my “dad bod” into a very fit, athletic trim build. I can’t tell you the change it has made in my self esteem. I’m way more comfortable in my own skin. I feel healthier every day. Exercise is now a part of every day and I miss it if I skip a day. I’m not a gym rat, I have no fancy equipment beyond a mountain bike I bought. I do mostly pushups and some sit ups. But without the patience I have learned I wouldn’t have the results I have today. I’m not sure where this will end, but the results I’ve accomplished in a year definitely make it easier to go on.

I’ve had 2 failed relationships in my recent past. It shakes my confidence in myself and my ability to find the relationship I seek. My first impulse was to withdraw and regroup. It’s been 2 years. Time to get off my ass and get myself back out there. Now, after 2 years, it’s hard to not be impatient. And I have been. But, with some advice and counsel from a friend, I’ve spent alot of time really considering my own desires when it comes to a relationship. I’ve learned that I need to seek a deeper connection. Not just an emotional connection. It’s fine to follow your heart, but when it comes to a lasting relationship, it needs a very firm foundation. Love is important, but without real compatibility, the every day grind, love can cloud your judgement. It takes the patience to really get to know yourself, to understand first what makes you happy, what you truly want to achieve, before you can truly hope to find that perfect match.

One of the things I’ve learned about myself is that I have a strong desire for a FLR component to any future relationship. I truly believe that this is the key to achieving what I want for my future. Like all new things in my life, I want it now. I’m learning to take small steps in my journey. A great friend has helped me on this path. With Her advice I have started to read as much as I can. I’m trying to expose myself to alot of new ideas and principles. Alot of it is very basic stuff. But even more is things that really have made me evaluate myself. I’ve learned more about myself in the last 3 months than in my whole life. The info I have picked up has really opened my eyes to not only my own motivations, but I feel like alot of the principles could be used in any relationship. But if I just stumbled in and didn’t take the time to learn these things, I believe it would just end in another failed relationship. I’m still not immune to impatience, I just now have alot of examples of how patience can help me get what I truly want.

So that’s it for today.


FLR and Me……and Her

Just some further thoughts on this subject

I’ve been reading alot lately. Not normal for me, but I’m trying to grow.

FLR is a subject I’m very interested in. It started as a sexual fantasy. Like most men, I think. I feel I have submissive tendencies. I’ve done some exploration of what it means to be submissive. My research in that area has been very eye opening to me. I have learned more about myself than I ever thought I would. One thing I’m learning is that for a submissive man, that submission is deeply personal. So much so, that some submissives will argue that their view of submission is more correct than anyone else’s. To the point of looking unfavorably at another’s ideas about the subject. These subs are usually in a long term FLR. Their dynamic has been very successful for them for a long period of time.

These feelings are perfectly understandable. Given that their goal in the relationship has been achieved. They have found the happiness and contentment that I think everyone searches for in any relationship.

What my observations as a relative outsider to the lifestyle have shown me is that all subs, whether Male or female, have to find that level of submission that satisfies them. I recently read an article about the 4 levels of FLR’s. From very light to total control of all aspects of a subs life. It is a very interesting tead, and very well written. I would only add that I think most FLRs probably could encompass all 4 levels in one. I know my ideal FLR would definatly. I was exposed to FLR by exploring Female Domination thru porn. As a self described sub, I’m aroused by the idea of a strong woman taking control of me sexually and using me. That power exchange is what got me interested in FLR. As I try to move forward in life, I’ve come to realize that I need to find an outlet for those urges in my next relationship. That journey has been one filled with hard lessons. One of the first is that even if you find a Domme, if all aspects of that relationship don’t work for you, you cannot force it. It’s not fair to you or Her. I’ve learned the hard way that my ideal Domme is not just about bondage or discipline. Actually, that’s probably the smallest part of what I need from an FLR.

My ideal Domme would be more of a soul mate. She would be someone I connect with on a deeper level, both intellectually and romantically. We would be a loving couple first. That love would be supported by mutual respect and trust. The idea of servitude to me is not about a Master/slave mindset as much as a devoted partner. To me, my submission is more about the fact that I respect her enough to differ to her judgement. To take her direction not as a command to be followed but as a wish to be fulfilled. If i don’t live up to her expectations, my disappointment in myself would far outway any punishment that would be meted. Through my love and devotion, I would strive to please her with all my efforts. Her happiness makes my heart swell, her dissapointment is crushing. All the while she would be feeling the same for me. She would know what I needed to be happy and she would be just as interested in meeting my needs. To put her needs first doesn’t seem like submission to me. When you truly love someone, isn’t their happiness one of your highest priorities?

I’ve also learned that a successful FLR will often times involve some kind of contract.

Coming from the perspective of a failed marriage, I find this aspect very compelling. Ive taken the opportunity to read thru a few of these. Some are very strict. Very much as they are billed, a slave contract. They lay down the rules of sometimes very oppressive servitude. Others are less stringent. Still others are way more relaxed and less narrowly focused. The one common thread is that they are all a written, formal agreement between both the Domme and her sub. These will always, regardless of intensity, lay out very clear expectations about behavior and limits from both the Domme and the sub. Some are structured around every aspect of a subs servitude as it relates to the Domme. From how they dress, when they dress, how they interact with the Domme, how and when they eat…. You get the jist. Basically they dictate all aspects of a subs very existence. A slave contract. They will include the Dommes responsibility’s also, mostly how She will discipline and correct her slave.

At the heart it’s a mutual agreement between both sides. As I learn more, I can’t help but relate this to my marriage. It’s a part I just didn’t get at the time. It seems so clear now, but our vows should have been our contract. In hindsight maybe we should have put more thought into it. I can say for sure, learning about this aspect of an FLR, really has made me see the mistakes I know were made . Without clearly agreed upon roles in the marriage dynamic, what we had was chaos. It was destined to break down at some point. There’s no way to know if anything could have help save it. None of this works without a willingness by both party’s to accept those roles and support each other in them.

Whether a marriage or a FLR, the same is true. With a contract in an FLR, these ideas are out in the open, where they should be. Nothing is implied. In almost all BDSM relationships a contract is of paramount importance. It can be the only thing that defines the parameters of the relationship. Whether it’s the activity’s and scope or at the least to protect limits and boundary’s. Without that agreed upon set of guidelines, chaos.

I’m not sure what that contract might entail for me. But I do know that it should define both roles and their boundary’s. Think about how you approach your job. We all have responsibility’s and limits to those responsibility’s. Even an owner doesn’t take out the trash. He delegates that responsibility. Now, he makes sure to have a big enough cart, a clear path to the dumpster, and that the person taking out the trash is thanked and over time rewarded for a good job(or he should). But at the same time, if that person leaves a trail of garbage, doesn’t put the carts back or complains constantly, there should be corrective measures. That’s called accountability, and it applies to both party’s. From a subs perspective, I would want to know what my Domme expects from me. Not so much about specific tasks per day, but what responsibility’s She expects me to have. And in return, as a Domme I would want the same. Clearly defined roles, within the overall structure of any relationship can only help lead to success. I look forward to this aspect of a FLR. Mainly because I’ve always found it hard to talk to a partner about what is expected from both of us. I know in my marriage, I would not have known where to begin. And I must confess, I still don’t. I’m hoping that when the time comes my Domme will give me guidance in this. And I believe it should come from my Domme, as part of my submission I feel any contract should come from Her. Obviously, it will be a mutual agreement that works for both of us. But it must start from her perspective. After all, by definition, She is the alpha.

As a sub, I accept and trust that Her knowledge of my strengths, weaknesses, and desires will inform her of how best to structure said contract. As a Domme, She trusts that her guidance will help me be the best person that I can be. The best sub I can be. This assumes that the relationship has been given proper time to develop to this point. I can’t see this happening right away. It’s not practical. When both roles are defined both party’s can focus on the actual pleasing of each other, not guessing about how.

I’ve found in my research that most self identified Dommes seeking FLR are very up front about the contract. A lot of Pro-Dommes also use them. It’s just good practice.

Well, that’s it for today.

Thx for makin it this far.


So, it’s been a few days since I last posted. This may happen in spurts. I’m not really much of a writer. Let’s call it verbal diarrhea, for lack of a better term.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m in the process of expanding my immersion in this whole D/s, Flr. Lifestyle. My current thirst for knowledge has been prompted by, to me, an unlikely source. I mentioned my Friend/Domme before. She is, to me, a very unique Woman. She has encouraged me to seek information about this lifestyle so that I might better understand my own motivations. Not something I expected from someone like her. My experience had not prepared me for that.

I follow a couple blogs that pertained to my “fetishes”. Chastity, Bondage, Female Led Relationships. This post is to Chronicle some things I’ve learned so far.

First and foremost, I’ve learned not to be so uptight about my interests. I’ve learned that I’m not deviant. I’m normal. As normal as everyone else. I like bondage. The thought of being totally immobile and at my Dommes mercy is intoxicating to me. I also like Brussels sprouts. Now, I know that not everyone likes Brussels sprouts. Some people hate them. Would never think of trying them. Are they weird? Of course, brussels sprouts are awesome. Those people are maniacs………

Of course they are not weird. They have different tastes. Just like with fetishes, I’ve learned that if it’s not my thing, that doesn’t make it necessarily wrong. In fact, I’ve learned that it’s very important for people to not feel ashamed of their interests. That leads to all kinds of problems. I know, I’ve felt those feelings of shame, anxiety, self loathing, depression. Its exhausting to say the least.

As I dip my toe deeper into the collective knowledge around me, I’m amazed at some of the revelations about myself that I’m finding. I’ve always been interested in chastity. I bought myself a couple cages. Wore them for a time. Even had the opportunity to play with a Domme with them. It excites me to put that cage on and deny myself the ability to pleasure myself or be denied. What I’m learning is it’s not about my pleasure in a D/s relationship. The cage is not about me. It’s about my devotion to my Domme. It’s another symbol of my willingness to cede that control to Her. I used to think it was so I wouldn’t be able to pleasure myself. Part of my submission is to understand that She decides when I receive pleasure. Even without the cage, she should be able to trust that I will honor her wishes. Even in a no D/s relationship, you are expected to be faithful. In a D/s relationship your accepting your partner’s decisions. Your trusting your Dommes judgement. She’s trusting your being faithful to her decisions. That’s Submission. It’s not just about accepting punishment or servitude, its deeper. When the bedroom door opens the submission doesn’t go away. Or it shouldn’t. I’m talking about my perspective here, let’s remember the sprouts people. The cage is now just a prop. If your Domme decides you are to be chaste,(and most will) it’s your devotion she should be able to count on. That’s Submission. Like the collar you wear at home or at play. When you take it off to go to work, does the sweet feeling of that firm leather not linger? That’s Submission.

That brings me right to the Female Led Relationship. From here on to be known as Flr. I’m not typing it out anymore, I’m not a masochist!(maybe a later post)

This is something I’m really just starting to learn about. I have no practical experience, but I have been reading alot about it and I have some thoughts.

My interest in this type of dynamic comes from the fact that I don’t want just a bedroom Domme. Or more accurately, I don’t want to be just a bedroom sub. To satisfy my submissive desires, I want to feel that submission all the time. My devotion to my Domme is complete. I’m vanilla in public. As far as anyone knows, I’m the same strong, confident, in charge natural leader I’ve always been. But in truth, that strength comes from the knowledge that I have a Domme that accepts my devotion, and that I am strong for her. I am strong because of her. My devotion means that I trust her judgement and her guidance. She’s my alpha, and I take comfort in that. That trust, that comfort only reinforces my devotion. And thru that devotion I feel love and affection for my Domme and from my Domme. It’s an equal exchange of love. Her guidance and control are signs of Her devotion to me. She make decisions about my well being to make sure I can be the best I can be, whether I’m at work, or at Her feet.

Well, that’s all for now. I’ll add more as I learn more.

Thx for getting this far!